Friday, September 28, 2007


Well, I had been lazy. I own it. But hardly ‘sleep all day’ is attributed to lethargy. There had been innumerable quotes on how sleep could mend things, boost spirits.

In hindsight, life is really a funny game,

And for a deserved break, sleep's the name.”

Yet, I have been troubled by it. Not by the lack of it, the excess of it. I had always believed dawn is the time when men of reason take to bed. Yet, infallibly these days (read after Kanpur), I am unable to resist the look of my bed. Neither have I been dumped nor have I been onto pills. Yet the sweet magic crawls into me, propelling me to close my eyes for as long as I could do. Even 11 hours (Excludes the short naps) at a stretch at night sees a tired me in morning. Well it is not what I am complaining about. It is just that I am curious. I heard sleeping habits are a true indicator to ones personality. Am I through a personality make-over?

Sleep is not merely “down time” between episodes of me being alive. Within the constitution we spend almost one third of our life in the necessary evil sleep. Is it a frameless mechanism? Metabolism, Anabolism and we might have another “Beddobolism” as a beacon. What really transpires? Some wake animated, whilst some look to finish the unfinished job. Then there are some who look worse for the sleep. It’s like quenching a thirsty with a drop – leaving him panting for more. Seems a devils day advocate is on duty. While some enjoy it ignorantly I wait my verdict with soporific and heavy eye lids.