Sunday, March 29, 2009

"THE" defeat in "A" win- A 55F

White washed ceiling or a colorful life canvas? He stared at the various hues of painted life. Knitting the final act together- positivity of hopes? Ballerina’s shift as ball kissed legs, pirouettes and tackles-Game vision delivered.

The loss in a win? The farewell (last) football match of my team!

Play together at Convocation again.

A literary work will be considered 55 Fiction if it has:

* Fifty-five words or less (A non-negotiable rule)
* A setting,
* One or more characters,
* Some conflict, and
* A resolution. (Not limited to moral of the story)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Rabbit Hole...Deep and Under!

Welcome to the Rabbit Hole of expectations! Hidden recess, unknown turns, unseen grounds- Doesn’t the Rabbit Hole just go deep in? The tunnel of expectations is almost similar- dicey, inspirational and tiring. Just tumble down!
He tumbled down the tunnel- deep and deeper! The vision, the light guiding him! He persisted. He took up the challenge of living up to expectations. He made his way through the hidden recess of the tunnel- gauging the ground, smelling the dangers. He inched his way through. He slogged. He made seconds converge to minutes and minutes to hours and hours to days! Though the light was far off, he succeeded in securing a milestone. Or at least he flattered himself to believe so. That’s the only solace he bargained, however short-lived it might have been. It was heart breaking-all the sweat didn’t make for a drink, let alone a satisfying/quenching drink. What does he do now? Despair-However lame the word may sound, it has a leveling effect! Or should he vent out his anger in fists? In any case he is devastated by the end of it.
He is happy. He is engaged in the things he likes most. A smile lingers on his face and he dances to the tune of it. He has unfinished work to wrap up but he is too engulfed in his world to even think of it. He completes the work without interest. He made the things stick and signed it off in its own unique style. He bargains adulation for the vision and expertise. He is left wondering about the virtue of hard work. He is happy in his world even to understand the importance and value of the recognition. He strives out nonchalantly!
Is it really impossible to expect a favourable outcome? Or is it that the Rabbit Hole goes deep down under- beyond understanding? Or is he just digging at the wrong end of the Rabbit hole?