Thursday, August 14, 2008

Letter to letter!

Dear Mr Chaddhaji urf Rajaji,

Guess this note shall find two more little chickens dead, before you actually read this। But your small act of intimidating violence would perhaps be negligible in terms of terror your dear roomie invoked tonight. Let me sprinkle a few details for the readers who might want to peep in!

The day started with a hunt down for cake. Finally we settled for a Choco-Walnut-Eggless cake. Eggless because certain creatures like John g Buss detest the concept of egg-chicken-egg. As most of the uncivilized tummies are at home, taking civil lessons (namely Gol and your humble self), hence the Choco Walnut। The whole idea of peaceful cake-gobbling ceremony was taken apart into shreds। Not so because the invitees, thought otherwise but because like a man of action, the scene caught on with DM Saab (Birthday Boy)। The longer the John took to blow-in the candles the keener were his faculties and intentions becoming। By the time the candles were needed to be blown off, he had already gathered all his intentions and strength.

No wonder, John was the first in line. Then came Chintu in line and so on it went. Dood Dengzongpa’s clean face was not lost on his eyes. He watched each and all and wrecked havoc. Even, our old Budhau wasn’t spared, not even a semblance of respect. So excited and rampant was he that even the white shirt of mine didn’t get past him. Needless to say, the maimed junta was trying to make the scapegoat out of Chintu. Alas! That was not to be. DM saab is becoming too vocal in his support for black people!

It resulted in DM saab chatting on phone and others fleeing to the wash basin। After initial clean ups, Chintu decided changing his shirt even after being fore warned once and over. Taken aback with fury or maybe promised special privileges (@ night. Gol had left earlier in the day) John proposed the customary bumps. C as usual dreamt that we can do the impossible- lift him. DM saab agreed exclusively to John’s demands, i.e. Only John was entitled to lift him. The generosity/benevolence on DM saab’s part had filled John with shame and he decided to let go of it.

It was the time for round two। The junta was devising plans in whispers. But mainly it revolved around retaliating against his venom. Few suspecting characters like Chingaari baadshah and respected Budhau kept distance and stealthily walked up to Manu. Like the experienced campaigner, he was ready. His plans flawless- execution perfect. Such had been his preparation. Before anything could happen, he ordered a bottle of DEW for himself. As the non-suspecting carefree party goers accumulated near the counter- up he went. Even the dreamy eyed rubbish was not spared.

By then John was overcoming his fear (We suspect he had been promised extended privileges @ night)। He managed to goad Manu in his own distinct hainnnn style, and accumulated the vegetarian stuffs which he could smear and DM saab would loathe. That was half a glass of curd! Gullu C (In between his rounds of running and getting saved) managed to pick up the sauce cum jam pichkari.

Yes. That was all that could be inflicted on him. But his evil designs were no-where near to be coming to an end. He ordered a bottle of DEW again. Can you see people running helter-skelter? With the exercise for the day done, he calmed down physically. He made a deal- Handing in Chintu for the rest of us. There is no one more experienced in these matters than Chintu. He had smelled his unbecoming, so he disappeared into the darkness (pun intended).

Such had been the colossal day. When the whole of the country prepares to sway independently, we were running for cover.

Taking your leave,
Yours sincerely,
C wingers.

P.S. Your room still lies in stink cum cake paste condition. John somehow managed his dream night amidst the bakk in his room. DM saab is spending the day lavishly in Gol’s bed. Digi Dev has privileged your room earlier in the day. It goes without saying unable to satiate his techie arrows, DM had a point to prove. Only too bad that we were the ones who were hunted! Hope this gives you enough reasons to feel ashamed and guilty.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Individually Multiple ??

He fought in vain. The sleep was no-where near to be. He looks above at the blank ceiling for some time- hoping the white colours heavies the brows. But it was not to be. Disgusted, he gets up and fills himself a glass of water. With only the maddening silence of the white walls, he sat around balcony overlooking a small field.

Earlier in the day, he found himself in this very different city. Different to what he was used to both in terms of size- Oversize and Micro-size (:D). But he found it difficult to come in terms with the city-partly because he felt feverish throughout the journey and partly because he had never met this aunt of his.

As he let the flowing air fill his conscience, he began to look around to confirm his bearings. He had been the newest imported victim- of the perennial power cuts. He wondered if this was a way of harassing people who never did their homework in time. He hated power cuts for it meant long hours of isolation- He would miss cartoon networkL. Mom had already left for shopping with her sister. He was never considered for markets, for he had distaste towards bargaining. His mom would always complain of his failing towards the value of money, much to his chagrin.

Maybe the field was not so small after all. The toddlers’ feet came rushing at the stroke of 5 pm. The timing was amazing, the synchrony perfect. With one loud call all the tiny tots filled the ground. The ground seemed gigantic for the tiny steps. The boundaries were shortened, the stumps drawn erect. How he wished the kids opted for hide and seek? He would have monitored each of their places with a frigging grin. After all these kids now a day’s learn the intricacies of cricket much before they are knowledgeable to games like hide and seek. He mused at the change! Was this only confined to this new city?

All drawn, the question wrested on team division. As usual a hue and cry was raised for the choice of first player. They recounted yesterday’s division and so on it went. Note worthy was not the cacophony, rather the way each one of them argued about the player number one, as if the whole team was divided and they were cashing for the extra slot. More surprisingly, it was a she-The only girl amongst the players. The senior most (at least he looked so) settled the issue and the teams were finally partitioned.

He had already foreseen the quarrel for bat first issue. But that was not to be. He was pleasantly surprised. The sight of tiny toddlers reaching for the ball, running shouting made for the beautiful sight. He felt not all was that different from his own city. The plaintive joys devoid of any malice marked the gentleman’s game. Just when, he was beginning to believe that his time was spent for good, things took unexpected turns. Although the jarring of fan had announced the arrival of notorious electricity he decided not to budge.

The tiniest of the tiny had gone into bat. He had quite a bad time in the middle. His team members demanded that he retire himself out. But he was not willing to die down. The captain suddenly comes down to the pitch and orders him to leave the pitch and declare himself out. The non-striker was supporting the cause. Things worsened, slangs were thrown (:O). Unexpected?
The declared out batsmen with a heavy face, watery eyes went off to his home. Few deliveries later he came back, this time accompanied by her sister. She had the questioning glance all over her gaze. She reprimanded him- the way an elder sister does when she feels he needs her protection. The tone of hers got better. She had turned friendly after her initial rebukes. She had even made them shake hands!

He was anxious. He was waiting eagerly for the reel to roll over. He kept hoping that the sister leaves and allows the kids to settle their matter themselves. But the serial dragged on. Just as when he expected the final end, he drew up to the edge of the seat. But there was something else. It virtually rained on his hopes. And it rained big. Perhaps he had yet not come to terms with the city. Just maybe!