Monday, February 01, 2010

Wave the WAVE?

He was strolling in his happy tunes of his life with his friends and non-friends alike. The dark forces were designing evils somewhere else,he believed so.Like a Voldemort whisper they assembled stealthily to conspire and it gushed in with all its might in a single breath's time. He was so carelessly engulfed in life, he failed to recognise the timorous sounds.He was so rapt in innocent conscience, so oblivious to the lurking possibility that he turned a blind eye and let his guard down. He saw the dark evil wave webbing around him when it was all too near to wash him off and wither his spirits.

Whispering conspiracies.
Guile.Might.Dark Vagaries.
Stung him numb and cold
Preoccupied he Stayed away,from the bold.

The force was too strong to be resisted. He was clueless. Surprisingly enough, the panic button set off in alarming note. Rather he was glaring at the distant horizon, with a curious note, where other disturbing thoughts gave rise to another wave. Perhaps this wave held greater say and disturbance on him. The telling effect of this momentous downfall camouflaged in the eerie backdrop of sea meeting the sky. It seemed the near impossible was on him. He kept pondering about the upcoming wave. Meanwhile each receding wave, came in with the gross reminders of the dark possibilities of the upcoming wave. Each one of them left the scars large enough to last a lifetime of a memory.

Receeding Hopes

Succumb? Stand? Resist? Float?
He knew not, do What?
Disturbed he let in all,
Chanced footholds not so small.

He was marveling at the resonance while dreading the worst nightmare. It struck him when he was getting sure to stand by himself. It broke him by spine. By now he had learnt that, even daring the waves doesn't drown them. They are swim-able and they are cross-able. All that it would take is a deep breath and a few heart pangs. He had to re-learn the life. His heart has to let in a few more pangs. Losing her in the wave was not his destiny. But a receding wave is fated to take away all it can. He lost to this simple fate. The fate of letting go with the promise of vibrant shore-coming, his hope to dare the horizon again.