Sunday, December 14, 2008


At each sunset gold,
When the day grows old
Into imbecile second childhood,
Warmth returned with the moon cold.

In the twilight hues of love,
In dusky remembrance of loved ones,
The outing was perfect cast,
Star diamonds adorned the lass.

Like a dream fairy she(night) sang,
Mellow voicings of love pangs.
Rekindle the magic, moved the wand.
Blessed she a diamond(star) from her casket.

For the countless others,
Who prepare to mislay without a romantic din,
She stripped her diamonds onto dew-eye drops,
As morning outdid the soothe caress.

She staggered again
Bathing in love aura, moonlit,
To preach the only thing
That matters anymore-

P.S I guess a lot of posts are pending. Brief time off is working wonders for me- The travel, the time with family, its all so heavenly. Home food! I would be back to each of you sooner than you anticipate :) Lets bask in this brief hiatus :)