Sunday, July 26, 2009

Eat up!

There is something about food you never grow tired of. Even the dreams of mouth watering food comes with innate ease as if it were programmed to portray a powerless picture yielding to an irresitible force. As much as I am taught of speaking up at right occasions(speak up), I wonder eating up at right occasions might rekindle the spark to do everything else. My previous ramblings on food went about differentiating my moods based on my food. But does the litmus test lie in enjoying the meal silently or overtly proclaiming the praises?


The other day I found myself buckled up to find my frame fit into a filled rickety auto in tryst of food! The hotel we opted for was closed till September 1, but as the usual virus we decided to eat up another hotel :) Such was the intensity of yearning! So thither we flocked into the same auto to find another place to dig into. But it did start with a flash, Babu- being the radio without the stop/start button- commented on the Chicken Rolls irrevocably. He manages that tone by default case(Born to talk, made to code and laughed at :P) His expression excaliming "Saste Log" calls for its own visual imagination(if you haven't seen it). The roll was good before Babu reinstated the comparisions about i-dont-think-i-heard-the-place places. To top it he was having the better of the driver in the front seat, while we four tried fitting in our legs, hands and all that came in between in the back seat :(

Chinese it was! The place was chosen to be a chinese restaurant. Though Babu commented over the ambience of many places before getting down at Tao, he must have fallen in love with the structure and ambience of Tao. His interest and talk point by now had diverted to Chinese culture and the usage of Chopsticks. The related stories engulfed his depression and angst of not being able to use chopsticks. As if we were under the impression that he was fed Cerelac from Chopsticks. But as usual he was put down :)

The order placed, the talk of Babu's town centred around the receptionist. The Chinki next door for Babu! I dont recollect if he had specified about seeing some better looking Chinkis. I am sure I must have overlooked, overheard rather(You know where I was looking :) )! Babu with his words makes the Mark Twain of modern day with a twist. He makes everything silly,poshed up. The twist comes in where he makes silly of himself in all his endeavours.

(Assignment: All of you who are intoxicated by Babu's antics and want to take a sneak peek, just negate the posted picture using photoshop. You have to do it to believe it. So get the hands on experience :P)(Damn.. The blogspot wouldnt even allow to upload a negated Babu's picture! Conclusion: A still picture(without the action wala Babu) is impossible! Bhagwaan ne bhi nahi dekha hoga!)

The Babu antics will only be published on demand!


All this while food and its smell lingered in me. I could differentiate the smell of fried rice, the chopsueys, and the chowmeins which were being gobbled by in some corner of the room. I had an inkling that the food had to be good, its smell was already envigorating. The past few days had been taxing both physically and mentally. I had came to a point of being blinded by everything else. The feeling of loosing everything wasn't fading away. It lingered like a termite's mark long after I had defeated it. All I hoped was a symbolic victory from the its clutches. Good food came to rescue, as if always does! All in all the eat-up excercise made me come back to me. I wonder what would I do without good food? I remember this with sense of fulfilment four days after the incident- such is its impact!