Saturday, November 22, 2008

Awards Ceremony!

Heavy eyes, goading for the bed and the consciousness of end-semester exams- Between these radical horizons I opened my PC to do some reading stuff। As usual, they had a way of surprising me. I dread the day; I would be off from computer- internet in particular. The tomorrow doesn’t sound as fascinating without the infinite possibilities a mail can bring, a message can impact! But today was different- inbox was empty and things to do list had a single line- “Study, Read, Cram- go through the rote one last time.” Truly auspicious beginning to the day, wont you say? But for a lazy me, it called for dozing off. Yeah, I hit the bed again! But the thoughts wouldn’t let me waver freely in sleep. Two hours hence, I start STUDYING. The motivating lectures were enough to spank up the timid determination. This marked blog time!

Butterfly award- by a co-blogger ensured I didn’t have a drought in terms of awards with this year. The year had almost dawned and I given up. But the infinite possibilities the internet can bring! A butterfly of hope, of colours adorns my blog. Thanks a tone- Usha, Ma’am! Goosebumps!

For the rules!

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Life For Rent?

Instead of stressed, lie here I charmed;

Ergo vestal emotions swanned unarmed.

The tempting indulgence- Laziness.

A Love, everyone chooses to abuse,

A jitter, circumstance wouldn’t excuse।

Peered around he amid passions spent,

Escape from reason his intent,

The tempting indulgence- Laziness.

Cosmic Silence. Muddled Identities?

Individually Multiple? Multiply Alone?

Entirety in hindsight is comic,

Deserved scanned an eye skeptic.

The tempting indulgence- Laziness.

Every me for every you?

Borrowed? Spent?

The comfort came calling late,

Wondered he, was anything ever at stake?

The tempting indulgence- Laziness.

The cling. The swing.

A Life for rent?

P.S. Those who are giving it a second read, I modified it a bit. Just felt like doing so :)
The tempting lazy indulgence.----The tempting indulgence- Laziness.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Lost Innocence!

The deadlines were approaching thick and fast. As usual the workload was piling up. It was snail’s pace versus the Hercules. He was uninterested, if not anything else, to say the least. He took to the report his partner had framed and turned it into shreds. He recalled all his lessons and frightfully they were too many of them. The English lessons, common sense lessons, building lessons et al. After all he was brought up being fed on knowledge bytes. Soon he found himself to be buoyed down by the weight. The weight of pretense, the weight of expectation, the weight of futility! He dragged because his partner thought he could, they thought he would and he thought he should. No other logic could deny this over exaggerated simple lemma.

He bid his time as time bypassed him

More than once, he was tempted to let go of it as he saw the nonchalance of others, but something in him inexplicably wouldn’t let him. Maybe he was so gripped by vexation that he was ready to drop his armor and find his way through, once and for ever. But he knew it would come back like the water under the bridge it would go on.

He was gripped in a bundle of contradictions.

He veered out of his room. His home bound friends were already back- back with talks, back with eatables! He thought he had found respite. Lo and Behold! He really had! In the mess of packets, peeking out was the Raj Comics edition of नागराज and सुपर कमांडो धृव! An initiation of introduction sorts would definitely end up being “हम Cholromint क्यूँ खाते है?” “दोबारा मत पूछना”. Don’t even give it a second thought!

He had new found energy and zeal to conquer his dilly dallies. He strode to the room with new zeal and the pride of a conqueror king with the prized possession in his hands. He scanned, skimmed and dodged through the report. It was a laborious task nonetheless. But he rubbed it aside with zeal and vigor. The ceiling no longer seemed to cast the same dry shade of white, it was different. The world suddenly shrunk. How?

How? How is but the form of following the function of Why.

Why? He wanted to be done away with the present and slip into oblivion- slip into the tangled innocence of comic days. He fathomed all his stupidity to roam in the land of magical belief albeit the worldly presence.

Why? Because there are no certainties there are only opportunities.

He kept staring at the ceiling long after he was done with the reading. He thought to himself that maybe he needed a place where he could strip to his stupidity and play around with his foolishness. His heavy eyelids feared the silent screams of the dreams as they prepared to be weighed down by the ceiling.