Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Died Him

The recollection of reactions, which culminated in boarding the running train, brought a wry smile. He was left behind at the platform long after the train was gone, even if only in spirits. At least he wanted to be. He adjusted his lens and cleared his vision. He peered through the window as another train passed his thoughts in a flash. The images moved backwards, as he saw, with the pace only matched by the speed of conflicting thoughts in his brain. He was stationary and everything else moved back. Everything else! The train moved on. He moved on. Life moved on? All that was left was a series of moving images. All so beautiful and filled with fragrance and none he could touch, none he could reach out for. None would freeze! They kept moving, and he kept alone. It was an amazing coincidence. At least, he tried to wriggle himself free from this wrong revelation. He wanted to hold it all so tight to himself. But it was not to be. It had to move on.

But then many of his self defined parameters had failed to quantify happiness the true meaning of bliss. His playlist didn’t give him the lift. Music also failed the litmus test. But then he realized the transition hasn’t been all that sudden. He hadn’t laced his football cleats for days. He hadn’t blogged for ages. He hadn’t found movies to suit his taste. The journey was inevitably coming to the climax. He wasn’t prepared for it. It was not sudden. The part of dying him died gradually. Maybe, it will rise from the ashes; the phoenix might infuse and re-find itself.

Even if he re-gathers the situation, fighting with the circumstances, he is sure not to find the same passion. It would be a new team, a new world. Maybe, just maybe he is jumping to conclusions all too soon? Like a divine intrusion, he came out of this thoughts-land. The wheels were screeching to a halt. The siren paraded the senses of hearing. The images were no longer moving backward with the same agonizing speed. He believed they weren’t far from his reach, this time. Lo and Behold! He could reach out to the images, and feel the strong reality of it. The train stopped! The life stopped! Just another parking in life? He would move back to the destination. He moved his hair back. He adjusted his spectacles, cleaning the dirt that had been blocking the vision. A deep breath and the life in his hands brought the gleam in his eyes back! He leapt in joy of life!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The walk to remember!

He proposed for a walk, she agreed. They had been "whiney-friends" who engage in leg pulling as and when circumstance presented itself. The kind of fresh effervescence to it-bubbly and nascent freshness!Perhaps he was filled with nostalgia, perhaps they were not to meet ever again! He swarmed in mushy thoughts.She was the perfect silhouette of composure. Maybe it would be like she said- "Friendships masks and bends time"! The hug made him feel guilty for they could have been more friends.


The ants of the same anthill! The story shall be etched forever in a distant chapter. It all started the fateful day when most of them were forced to dance to the tune of a birthday. It was the beginning. Like every great story, it had a middle
and an end-the middle was fascinating. The line of ants flocking together in a single filed line to the outings. They were not alike not in any sense of word!They varied in sizes to moods and to tastes! But they struck to the filed line. The ant hill was the happening place at nights with its sessions of glorious uncertainties capable of infinite monotones collectively. It was almost ironic that the magic lingered for so long!

Now they part. Different lines, different choices! It wouldn't be the same long line any more! No more waits, no more group sms! The hugs were different this time. He knew everything couldn't be set down correctly with this hug. The gamut of emotions the imagery of togetherness flashed in an instant! The misunderstandings seemed so trivial in front of the bonding and attachment, he felt like letting go of everything else! It had to be. Everyone made him believe so. Not everyone can be wrong- It had to be!


He stares at the collage of pictures and he realizes what a "happy place" in reality would be-the place and the people he would like to be with. He blinked his eyes to the happy place where he was surrounded by people he wished to be. It was a happy zone. It is a happy zone. He bids his time and awaits his time, when he parts away from the ant hill. The abode where living alone was both sinful, sundry and difficult!The hug of life? A walk....err.. The walk to remember?