Saturday, September 16, 2006

Days of Adoloscence......

Buried deep in life’s saunter,

The sweet age of toys barter,

Lost forever in a strange ferver,

As in an ocean loseth a river.

Left though the Midas touch forever.

Ah, the days of adolescence!

As noiselessly as a lingering thought,

Recollecting many a fights fought,

Tantrums of ousted at nought,

Unnoticed cropped a smile wrought.

Ease from melancholy it brought.

Ah, the days of adolescence!

Lending ears to tales of incredible essence,

Off I went to gross with patience,

Fellows of Milky Way in innocence.

Consigned a tree climbing offence,

Remorse though was lost on pretence.

Ah, the days of adolescence!

Swooping paper rockets leaked mirth borrow,

As jolly ships skimmed through the sorrow,

Seldom had I envisaged a life so narrow,

As bliss betided, eclipsed barrow.

Ah, the days of adolescence!

The rain strew love a thousand mote,

Cherishing a split never did I note,

Boyhood not for eternity I realised rote.

Is this the future for which we ever vote?

This feeling kinda ogled out from veins after refreshing through a old photo album..Really fun filled were the days of sunshine.


Anshul... said...

Just listen to the lies....

thoughts coming when you lose the fight....

putting you together...the picture gets connected....

plight of everyone,felt by some and spoken by little....becomes evident in the smoke you rose.

your words do reek the pain of of exhaust they are though.

be simple in thoughts,be flawless...that's not possible to be.

still try that thing is what should be aimed in our cage.

Prabhu Dutta Das said...

Quite agree with you here..Really it makes for some fight, fighting with memories....Sure we all are reeking in the pain of present are we not???