Monday, December 25, 2006


Sense of humour!! ‘A gripping pack of people who make light of a seemingly monotonous and flat tone’- is a telling commentary in taking delight in the mirthful. The other day when Mr Bush (Senior) joked about his son to the Prime Minister, I could not help myself from a quiet smile. The musings are not quite unwarranted. The company I find myself in never finds itself short on cheerfulness and the happy countenance masks the unmistakable differences. Every matter has an anti matter up and over in some other part of the universe and their chancing upon guarantees explosion, I perhaps can reconcile to the fact after being to DAIICT. Take a stroll through C wing, 1st floor and let me hear the echo.

It’s like an oasis of hope in the midst of desert of worldly woes and difficulties. Glass is never half empty it is always half full and meeting these people I couldn’t agree more. Its not like hilarious stuff for everyone, invariably someone bears the wrath. If someone claimed “My love is redder than Rose” it’s not highly unlikely that you find an arrow shot across phrased as “Mine is plastic rose eluding the worldly fusty musty rusty conditions”. Puncturing vanity and restoring sanity with aplomb is what these people are born with. Even the ordeals are worth the squeeze.

As this has been meant to be a memorabilia let me commemorate the protagonists of the plot. Central characters are portrayed by Professor and Pakoda. It gets tardy difficult to name a single person in main role. Let’s focus the reel to Pakoda, if you ever doubt the dictum that there’s a calm before the storm be sure to meet this guy. Just a single one liner suffices to cut anyone into shreds. Professor- blind follower of ‘Divide and Rule’ (When he is on mood) else if he is on song then hardly time can stand a testimony as it tickles by without a clue. Now the turn of Bouncer Bhai and John g. Even with the memento-mori hanging from his chin he will be exclaiming Abhi tho bahut time hai. John g! Perhaps no one can soak more, born with jocular vein he becomes the butt of most of the jokes. Not to forget the tag load of names he carries with him. Chubbi and Gol wind up the team with the inclusion of non regular Gulu. Chubbi to his credit finds a lethal weapon in form of his roommate, even though that doesn’t make him quite a PJ master. Gol will always be remembered for his encounters with Pakoda. The powder fight, the bottle crush will long be etched in memory. Gulu Ghalib the included non insider makes up for one of the best things to have happened to me. Well to think of it THE JUICE WAS REALLY WORTH THE SQUEEZE!!!

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