Friday, June 26, 2009

State Of Existence!

Interviewer: How are you feeling right now?
Me: Ever heard of the story of a bird in a golden cage? I think it pretty much sums it up precisely.

Interviewer: A Golden Cage?
Me: On after thoughts I gather, theres nothing golden about it. Its a mirage in the offing.

Interviewer: We are still at sand dunes, confused as ever!
Me: I believe my frustration, desperation speaks for itself.

Interviewer: Ah, you lamenting about the new place? The new novel existence?
Me: Lamenting? Please replace it with condemning. Anything new coming at the price of time isnt sufficient, I believe.

Interviewer: So what is golden about it? Or rather the Mirage?
Me: A swimming pool, Wooden badminton courts, Single room, Girls, add to it AC and TV at room!

Interviewer: That sounds so exciting and interesting!
Me: I said, I cant help feeling like I was bought down by these apparent visuals!

Interviewer: Is it all shiny and painful?
Me: Having the coffee looking up to stars from seventh floor at 12 in the night is perhaps the only silver lining.

Interviewer: Wow, that sounds so exciting.
Me: But excitement dies down with every starless night. I am reminded of the missed moments. The no-network, the complete blocked in feeling is growing on me.

Interviewer:At least the food would be good?
Me: Yeah right! To start with every food court closes by 10 pm. Then I have zeroes down to a 3 dishes out of 5 food courts! You all have imagination to visualize the obviousness of reality.

Interviwer: We fervewntly hope, rather assume you maintained the sports :)
Me: Hmmm... If waiting in queue to get a single game of badminton is what you refer to "high-standards" of sports I have acheived. Football is played with hands. I cease to be the person commenting on active sports from now on.

Interviewer: So its must be getting onto you?
Me: Why think and die thrice before sleeping, when you have to wake up tomorrow to repeat it all over again?

Interviewer: Any news to all of us?
Me: Please do not let the network fall on its own. I yearn for all of you- the mails, the chats, the everything. All I have now is no mail access and lot of desperation! Period. Do drop in mails :) Everyday.. ahhh... Someday.. Atleast One day! I might only reach you at

P.S. Consider this as the heights of desperation and frustration :) Yeah, learning about ethical ettiquettes is perfectly the most perfect thing to hear everyday! Day in day out!
And I have to go out of the way to post posts in blogspot. The only relief is I can acess blogspot. But why not the blogger?


sobu86 said...

Its not so nice to see/read our good old reliable server so downtrodden... Cheer up man...
See the brighter side of things... Enjoy the company of soooo many maddas that you have.
Lucky Dawg.

Prasoon said...

nice nice..
i hope the place still rocks like it did 3 years ago!

indyeahforever said...

I have no clue what you have written about :)) I mean that in a good way coz by the end I thought you were talking about some place , some particular memories and experiences , short a context...

so here's simply wishing that you get out of the melancholic mood you are in :)))

Mahita said...

Ha.. Cheer up! It could have been even worse... I do not have access to blogger too :(....

rabbit said...

at least u can access blogger.

rejected said...

Is everyone there a goalkeeper??