Saturday, April 24, 2010

Every You for Every Me?

Dear V,

Isn’t it hard to pen down everything that happened and everything that promised to happen but didn’t? There is no easy way out, so I will just give it a shot. It wasn’t an accident-the way we met. I was left wondering about your guile and naivety, over the coffee. It wasn’t long enough when I was only wondering about the infinite you in a pretty way. Well, I wasn’t looking for it, nor did I plan it to unfold in the way it did. Ermmm.. It did happen, nevertheless. One thing led to another, and I could only do a precious little without you. I fumbled in football pitch, over you. The tattoo, the over-the-sleep talk, the lingering smile, the whispering messages- my crazy run had begun! That’s the good part.

The bad news is, it didn’t actually materialise. Meanwhile, we lost both the basis of good times- the person and the emotions. I am sure; it was not worth the smile and faith you entrusted on me. As I run my eyes over the picture, the other thoughts come galloping. How life shapes up differently and totally opposite to what first sight promises to be. As I sit down with real life tales, gives me an unhealthy feeling-the highly disturbing kind. That frightens the daylight out of me. But, I get this feeling that we will get lost in the haze of this over-populated world. In this human mass of expectations, we let our moment fly by un-noticed. I don’t know what’s going with me. But when you turn that face to me, I know something’s wrong with the world. I can’t tell you, where we land from here. But can you lend me every you for every me? The morning smile by the bed, the night ruffles? Just another chance? Call me!

Yours Unfaithfully


Chandni said...

I usually find it uncomfortable reading of another person's life. But that doesn't matter. Hope its cathartic :)

Marvin said...
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Marvin said...

this is uncannily similar to the letter hank moody writes to katherine. don't you think? i won't post the link to it as the only online copy of it seems to be on my blog.

word verification: meduc.

surprising. isn't it? oh, you won't understand why.

rainboy said...

sad but so many truths in there.

I have said're a good writer. This one proves my point again.

take care...
It's been a long time.

Prabhu Dutta Das said...

Sid:Don't read too much. That was a letter in its own right, this one is a one in its own right. Don't compare! Please.

And I think I know what do you mean when you say meduc(Only hope the concerned person gets the message).

Shall pass!

Vishal Raj said...

I am really really touched by the feelings.