Friday, December 02, 2011

The Bohemian Girl!

Q: Who is She?
A: The Bohemian Girl

Q: What does she do?
A: No idea. But she could make a living by playing badminton.

Q: Badminton?
A: Yes, badminton! She moves around with the grace of a ballet dancer, she picks and smashes. She drops and she smiles.

Q: Describe her?
A: She is tall, fair and perfectly accented. She is the Bohemian Girl.

Q: Where did you meet her?
A: I met her at luck’s place.

Q: Luck’s place?
A: It is a place where I go to indulge in me, but I got indulged in her style.

Q: She must be really fascinating?
A: Really? I wouldn’t know. Perhaps, I would never catch her glimpse again. She was a bright hope, a breath of fresh air. With each of her moves, she oozed grace and poise. She swore once, and it did not take her long to get back to her charismatic reigns.

Q: Never again? You must talk to her.
A: I met her at luck’s place. As luck would have it, variances never add up to a total.

Q: Variances? Total?
A: She was the variance in the human mass of badminton populace. No air, no self possessiveness. A sip of water, a gentle look at the racquet and a genuine smile! Do you get the drift? She did not belong to this place.

Q: Did you exchange numbers?
A: No.

Q: Dude, she seems fascinating. You should meet her. Do something.
A: Didn’t I tell you she was the Bohemian Girl? Luck’s place!

Q: Any more thoughts?
A: A perfect smile. A perfect chin. A perfect accent. The poise. The Bohemian girl.


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