Thursday, November 20, 2008

Life For Rent?

Instead of stressed, lie here I charmed;

Ergo vestal emotions swanned unarmed.

The tempting indulgence- Laziness.

A Love, everyone chooses to abuse,

A jitter, circumstance wouldn’t excuse।

Peered around he amid passions spent,

Escape from reason his intent,

The tempting indulgence- Laziness.

Cosmic Silence. Muddled Identities?

Individually Multiple? Multiply Alone?

Entirety in hindsight is comic,

Deserved scanned an eye skeptic.

The tempting indulgence- Laziness.

Every me for every you?

Borrowed? Spent?

The comfort came calling late,

Wondered he, was anything ever at stake?

The tempting indulgence- Laziness.

The cling. The swing.

A Life for rent?

P.S. Those who are giving it a second read, I modified it a bit. Just felt like doing so :)
The tempting lazy indulgence.----The tempting indulgence- Laziness.


Usha Pisharody said...

Cosmic Silence.
Muddled Identities? I
ndividually Multiple?
Multiply Alone?

Great word play there.. and the tempting lazy indulgence that you seem to invite one to wallow in :) However it is not a comfort as it should be is the feeling I am left with!!!

Marvin said...

why the italics?

Prabhu Dutta Das said...

The non-comfort? Why?

So that a failing eyesight picks up the rags from the riches? The overemphasis was obvious I thought? The Laziness others bane and our boon!

Chandni said...

Every me for every you?

That line could start a love letter!!! Its beautiful.

Sashu... said...

The tempting lazy indulgence.

i liked de way u played wi this line all thru!! nice write!! :)

pseudo intellectual said...

loved the word play. wish i could write like this. sigh.

Mahita said...

A life for rent???
Took me a couple of reads to understand it and somehow, felt a little heavy-hearted, once done!!!

was anything ever at stake? .. the cling... the swing...
May be, there is nothing at stake except time... the cling and the swing being a part of it...