Saturday, November 22, 2008

Awards Ceremony!

Heavy eyes, goading for the bed and the consciousness of end-semester exams- Between these radical horizons I opened my PC to do some reading stuff। As usual, they had a way of surprising me. I dread the day; I would be off from computer- internet in particular. The tomorrow doesn’t sound as fascinating without the infinite possibilities a mail can bring, a message can impact! But today was different- inbox was empty and things to do list had a single line- “Study, Read, Cram- go through the rote one last time.” Truly auspicious beginning to the day, wont you say? But for a lazy me, it called for dozing off. Yeah, I hit the bed again! But the thoughts wouldn’t let me waver freely in sleep. Two hours hence, I start STUDYING. The motivating lectures were enough to spank up the timid determination. This marked blog time!

Butterfly award- by a co-blogger ensured I didn’t have a drought in terms of awards with this year. The year had almost dawned and I given up. But the infinite possibilities the internet can bring! A butterfly of hope, of colours adorns my blog. Thanks a tone- Usha, Ma’am! Goosebumps!

For the rules!

1. Put the logo on the blog.

2. Add a link to the person who presented it to you.

3. Pass this one, and link other bloggers that you'd like to share it with.

I would like to pass the baton to:








Usha Pisharody said...


And lol, may this space be showered upon by Awards and Words Galore!!

Bless you!

And all the best with those dragons you shall go out to face tomorrow.. the exam dragon.. :)

Mahita said...

Hmm, Congratulations...
and thankyou too... :)

Wishing u luck with ur exams... and hoping that u shall come out with flying colors...
All the very best...

Marvin said...

thankyou prabhuji
will put it up on blog soon enough!

Impulsively Me said...

Heyy :)
Thank you for the Titlee :)
I will put it up on my blog :)

Are you in your final year? :)
And where do you study? :)


Prabhu Dutta Das said...

@Usha, Mahita
Thanks for the wishes. Hopefully the dragon ignores me :)

Glad that you could accept it

@Impulsive me
Yeah the last year of indignation and the college short name- DAIICT(Believe me you wouldn't like to know th full form, anyways you cant remember it in first go :))

Usha Pisharody said...

:) You have been tagged!

Anindita said...

None for me!! :P

My blog isn't cool enough for you, now is it???? ;) ;) ;)

Banter banter! Be there! :P

Mads said...

congrats for the award....finally a nice post which made sense to me :D :D

i thought ur end sem exams were over :O maybe im reading the post late then :P