Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Sometimes words fail you in spite of your urge to write something. Words have never been anyone’s slave, but my inability of picking a topic to write on made matters worse. Left with no choice, I commence.

Outside there was the usual hustle and bustle, inside was stirringly quite.

Outside there were the four directions whereas the inside was looking at the fifth direction.

It was dark and someone came around and sat besides me. In similar situations I would have been asked for a dance in the rain yet this time it was all different. Judging the gravity if it, it was decided to let the cries afloat once without the mask of rain.

Then, I staggered to look up and mumbled “I dunno…. Maybe….What if….” A series of incomprehensible nothings.

“You are no good”.

“Don’t let your brain and heart wreck”

“But something has to be done, can’t live on the shore of deserted island forever”

“Possibly the morrow has some better marks on the cards to free my brain”

“What about your heart?”

“Dunno, I am alright….”

“Lets keep arguing, maybe it will yield a result”

“How can talking possibly help in mending the wall?”

“Did that not let you in the hole?”

“But it was necessary….”

“It is necessary that you talk”

Suddenly a piece of crumpled paper in form of paper rocket blocked the vision.

“Even when crumpled to the last degree, this rocket never ceases to leak the joys while it traverses from one point to another. This worthless piece still finds no remembrance, the irony of fate!!!”

P.S It is the most incoherent a read as it ever gets to top it someone was pointing at the vocab prowess I presumably possess.


Saransh said...


chandni said...

" a series of incomprehensible things" thats exactly how life tends to be

loved the abstrac style :)

Prabhu Dutta Das said...

@ saransh
Least expected seeing ur comments in budhau's blog!!!

@ Chandni
Incomprehensible enough to matters pretty worse!

bhasa said...

loved the style.

evilution said...

and now i get it :D

for those poor souls (like me) who didn't get it in the first try:
read again you dimwits. you dont kno what ur missing :@

isha said...


salvwi said...

efficaciously written to fill the vacuum of words.....n lest i forget..i did read ur "about me"...in ur profile...i must say...u hav beautifully written that....