Monday, March 03, 2008

Eerie Haunts!!

Its time, in fact a lot of time, too much of waters have passed under the bridge! I finally decide to rest my resolution aside for meanwhile and come up with something for the blog। Some grey cells turned BLACK (dead), few blood cells enflamed (AGNEE) and rest of the cells, memory ones seems to have ceased multiplying.

Confusing? For those who credited me with normal average memory power this post might make some sense. For others, check out the writings of OSHO :P. The other day, D day (Re-Kriti Finals), to my utter surprise I was clueless to what might my blog address be! Not even my assumed pen name! I was left to the state of stammered silent cursing.

This by no means is the beginning of the indication. During one off the walks to SARDAR, I found myself coming in different angles in tryst to come up with the word auction”.It was not the one off words. “Exploit” as a word had to be explained as “Shoshan”. The interesting arguments in leading to my re-realisation of the word, notwithstanding, I see me loosing my reins.

So flooded was I with the chunk of memories garbaged over 21 years, that it reiterated upon myself in forms. It culminated in a series of reflections! The life without memory?Inking your body with words as memento? Letting your brain process a little longer in order to whet back pleasant days? Yuck, have I been sounding too pessimistic?

Unbelievingly enough I get across this telegraph article as if to remind me “ पिक्चर अभी बाकी है दोस्तों”। The guy in case, keeps coming back and loves the same thing over and over again. Proposing his wife all over again and again and again! Did he not freeze time at its most elusive point? The idea of diminishing returns would still be a no-no place. Without memory we would just be hapless at the scenarios around us. But that does not restrict us from attaching value to things, reacting to stimuli by automatic instinct.

Yet, we reinforce the taxed brain for memory. Important dates! Yet we fall on the implications. How much are we aware of at each moment is rather limited. We assimilate and force opinions on prior experience and present conscience. The instincts, first impression lose its way to time. No wonder the world needs few million billions of TB!


Piper said...

yeh kuchh samajh nahi aaya :(

Marvin said...

I second that. How many kinds of fonts have you used in your post anyway?

tuli said...

Our (mostly unconscious) emotional attachment to different things/phases in our lives is, I don't know good or bad. Too much attachment leads to pain (esp on departure)...but again without the capacity to store in certain events (the more pleasant ones I mean) we may loose out on things which we would have otherwise referred to / clinged to during those lonely/not so happy nights, to aleviate us from the pain which is else incurable.

Prabhu Dutta Das said...

You are excused, for a part of brain has gone into Amir :x

@ Marvin:
You could have done better! If not anything.. you could have described the chilly chicken :@

Thank You

bhasa said...

it bounced!
ok let me first understand it and then 'll comment!
forgive me too.