Sunday, March 16, 2008

When he was ALONE.....

He stood gaping at his shadow,
In weird thoughts and distant memories,
By cold snaps piercing the quietness,
Besides himself, he wailed her name,
Brusquely it came and stumbled he, in tame.

When tormenting thoughts encircled,
Swayed he in dreams, disturbed.
All he conjured,
The dimpled beam on the face,
And the little curl besides the ear।

The casting lamp forlorn,
He walked loud with anklets worn.
Reaching her breath on his skin,
And her impelling hair on his fingers, akin.
Peered he with eyes wide shut.

He traced her smile from faking memory,
Feeling through the soft length of her body.
He waits the evening of split wine.
Imprinting illusions of reality.
The lovers dream they had seen!


Unwritten said...

nice one!

Piper said...

nice one, my dear black man...2 points extra for the pic ;)

thematicexp said...

itna feeling kahan se daalte ho words mei yaar

Anonymous said...

this shall pass.Excellent thought my friend:)

Anonymous said...

m nt intrested in reading blogs at all but strangely its first time dat m replyin here only becoz of ma sweet daughter ISHA :p i dont know wat exactly she wants from me to write here but still m writin here:P hehehe i need not to repeat the words like excellent thoughts ,,nice one n so so.........
so see ISHA how gud is ur dad......... :)))))))))))

ishaz DAD :P

archie said... slice through a broken heart...!!!!!!!!!

Isha said...

:) :) :) :) :)

V said...

thank you for writing this.

Mads said...

it's so emotionally draining :-|
don't ever write such sad things again. ur too good at it :-|

Impulsively Me said...

Whoa! Your words blew me away, Prabhu! The lines were too vivid to be a dream.. It felt real.. :)


Usha Pisharody said...

This poem, it works itself under the skin... and one feels so, with it! It creeps upon one unawares.. and makes me catch my breath at the poignancy, after, of course the tender beauty of it all!

Hmmm... poetry, very good poetry at that! You continue to surprise, Prabhu :)

Prabhu Dutta Das said...

In a good way or a bad way? Anyways I am always happy to find scattered comments!

P.S. The part one of the sequel lies here...

Mahita said...


Sashu... said...

awesome lines!! poignant n yet passionate!!