Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Life After Coffee

He is restless. He is flummoxed by the hopelessness of it all. He abhors it. Period.

It all started with a foolish promise- Be Regular! So he decides to give it a go. Even the sight of his colleagues’ recluse to the old comforts, after a week, did not deter him. Interestingly, this did not go un-noticed. Proof- The stack of PRS (Sophisticated instruments for marking attendance) lying on his table. See, nothing was left to fate! The first unconscious attempt (unwell) to miss a class resulted in missing a POP quiz. He took it in his positive stride and waged on.

Life seemed not so difficult. The football days, the chocolate sundaes blended itself well with the presented time. He could manage to enjoy his college fest! Good times? Time changed gears. Screws were tightened. The work re-enforced itself and had to be re-iterated (Damn! No other. Sentence could even come close to explain the work process or the flow model). The load got better of him, yet he didn’t betray the conscious effort of being regular. He tried. He slogged.

(More deliberations on the above pic can be found here)

Twelve days to the final exams. He realizes other courses have stiffened the bottle neck too. He frowned at the futility of it all. The aimless, he of last semester- to the present him, the transformation seems to be wasted. At least he is made to believe that.

Walking is he, with the constant tag at his neck- “Work Pending”. Even football lost its taste. He cribs. He sulks but he is working. The struggle no more is the promise to the exalted regularity. Rather to move down the alley in twelve days. Sight of exams were never more welcome than today. He surmises and has a quiet laugh at past. He did his shoe lace right and made sure to polish them, when he was a kid! Today he finds pushed about by time. Not passing it, rather allowing times to by-pass him.

He looks at the week next. Presentations and exams are lined up from Monday to Friday. He mops his hair, allows a wicked cruel smile. He reminds himself to book a ticket home sooner. He is happy!

Moral of the Story: Don’t let yourself bound by obligations! Else the memento mori will have its say!


tuli said...

U know I ve been hearing abt ur pathetic life , the atrocity on u by ur sen ..the contortions brought to u by that (beep)unmarried soul..(frustooo to be precise), much that i knew it before u told,....but this blog....very innocently ...and a sensitive way again puts forth all the issues ..that have been made aware to me by u on various(innumerous ) occasions.

HAIL SEN!!!!!!!!!

P.S.: oyeee tu ghar ayega to agar hum dono nahi nahi teeno ko agar treat nahi diya to dekhna....

Chandni said...

everyone is talking in thrid person these days eh?

Piper said...

Oh god, I can't believe this...I actually understood each and every line of this post !

But seriously, very nicely put forth...the story is the same everywhere

Prabhu Dutta Das said...

bhool jaa!

"I find a me in every third person"-- Take that quote for your answer!

I cant help but re look your comment!

saurabh srivastava said...

good yaar pinki... i understood around 30% of it... that was awsome...