Thursday, October 23, 2008

Accompany me, Will you?

The world reeled under his feet. Drifting away in circles! The clamp carted the wheels and it clanged its baritone, in anticipation of the meet. As the intensity grew louder, he could hazily make out the waving hands. His journey had started. A fulfilling time off at home to the inevitable back to workplace the time span seemed too narrow. The world is definitely mean in the sense that we can’t clutch to all that we want. He took to his seat and saw around. Nothing! Not even a single guy in the compartment? Suddenly a train of thought gripped him and he began to wander back to the home days- the merry making, the laziness, the LOVE. It filled him with renewed vigor and the urge to be return home soon.

Time passed. Few passengers boarded the AC compartment, still a very few! He was cramped; the cozy seat was too unyielding to smooth dreams. The blank outside threatened of greater sins elsewhere. It was all deafeningly silent, the likes which he never liked! The happy prospect of friends filled him and the happy days edged him to a sleep. He dreamt about the beauty of everything- tangible to intangible, real to surreal!

Alas! The morning was too nearby- lurking in the horizon. Seldom has a day passed with silent mornings. Mornings seems to rub off the vitality in everyone. Mornings are like new beginnings as if the world is going to last for a day. Nonetheless the feeling wears down as the day progresses but reassumes and reinforces itself the next morn. So there he was, awakened with all the noises that raked the mouse off the carriage! He jumped up did his brushing and unpacked the cookies he had brought to eat. It took him sometime to really gasp that his woes of a lonely journey is coupled with the train’s slow locomotion. Certain shades of reality would have donned his face. But how could he know? How could he imagine that wrinkles play a facial game? He had never thought he could replicate emotions in face- He wasn’t an actor.

By evening he was disgusted by the smell of the carriage, the airlessness of it. He made his continuous tours to the door. The wind grazed his brazen face. The wind was so alien that he was reminded of his home instantaneously. He hardly realized that the train was screeching to a halt. Snapped he was from his thoughts and suddenly he found a face- radiating the smoothness of known, the warmth which he was attached with. He wouldn’t mistake the cutting, the color of her face. She had to be her. He was sure of himself; his memory of his school was so vivid to betray him. Then he mustered courage to question her- he couldn’t think of anything else! His purpose was defeated when he heard a flat no. He wondered!

Back to boredom, he was fleeting with the wind when she called for him. Another twist in tale! He had his suspicions back with him by then. But he let them go. She radiated the kind of eager enthusiasm and radiant enigma that he lived in the moment. He was glad that he gave chance a chance to win and wasn’t he excited? She was the random flower and he became the buzzing bee. Like a magic tale it lingered. It all happened as if it were destined. She was everything. She displayed all her facets in that short span, but he was sure it was just a tip. He was getting ready with the ski board to jump head long into the iceberg!

The curl by her ear,
Eerie thoughts by the sear,
Wrinkled the sun beams with the lear!

That was all he could say, he could realize-before her stop came! Some story in his childhood had warned him to be cautious of strangers and boiled eggs. He was happy that books weren’t the sole experience of godliness. Good things are bound to happen rather unexpectedly!


Impulsively Me said...

I don't know why but I cried as I was reading this.. Can you please please write something that will make time halt? Like this one did?

•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

//The curl by her ear,
Eerie thoughts by the sear,
Wrinkled the sun beams with the lear!//

that was wow man.write more of these..totally "haiku".

good things happen when i least expect them too.

Usha Pisharody said...

This is so so so... it's unusual for me, but words fail... :)

Yearning, feeling, wanting... and all in that "curl behind the ear"!

Picturesque write!

Anindita said...

Vivid and very detailed. It was almost as if I was in the carriage, witnessing the scene. Your narrative has rich vocabulary, crispness of words and a very well thought value to endorse in the end! Keep up the good work!! :)

pseudo intellectual said...

great stuff.

olefin said...

these are the things i like to stumble upon on Friday mornings...makes time fly by!!
you have a gift...i already told you about that, but i tend to repeat myself....few can express themselves the way you can.Its your ability to rereate every microcosm of a memory very mentioned in a post above, it seems like i was a silent spectator during the event....
keep up the good work!!!:)

arch said...

for a moment ,
by describing that night in his words she feels completly lost back in time....he has taken her with him in d destined world......or should one say......
" that meeting was everthing"
strange but destined...
faded still so strong...
so unreal and too senible....
all that remains is...
A WORLD ....of a few hours....its memories....SHE shared with HIM...
should he be told that....

Sashu... said...

whoaa!!! i juz loved this!!

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