Friday, October 10, 2008

Eating Sugar... No PAPA!

I, for one, had always been associated with food as much as anything else. This is one identity which unites my many other false individualities. I own to it quite blithely! Period.

For me it is not merely a “breaks time” between the episodes of me being alive and kicking। Within the constitution of this life sentence we all succumb to the dark temptation of food. The sensation of taste is intimated with sequences small and large that we tend to overlook its import. The taste of success, the taste of life, the taste of love et al revolves and bonds around the smell of good food. No wonder all the winsome moments in life call for good food. Let it be a Date or a Treat- Good food has the uncanny knack of transfusing hypnotism in the sphere. It falsifies environ to soothe, the talks to mellow, the air smells reasonable and its scent to intoxicate!

Is this just a frameless mechanism? Is it one of the things which illudes once in a while? Perhaps we can never know! Perhaps maybe the ‘patient’ waiting in a restaurant bears testimony to it. It can’t be just a sheer coincidence how good food can heal so many things unnoticeably, as stealthily as silent thoughts! It would always be an understatement how good things start with food. A city is as much known for its cultural dimensions as much as it is for its special cuisines. These are so intertwined that Lakhnabi Kebabs and Hyderabadi Biriyani potentially can catalyst a conversation to flush between any we-don’t-know-each-other.

Mom’s cuisine tastes all so heavenly, for the food has her smell- the one smell which I can never emulate while I cook. Blinkingly, I travel my dinner! Good food is not any other food that tastes good! Good food stimulates body, as much as Rum can stimulate the brain. The romance is to be lived over and over again! For it won’t ditch you, it would manifest itself in others forms and catch you- a blind eye and a equally absurd mouth (claiming that any food tasting good is good food) have their reasons to be FISHY(pun intended).

P.S. It just ogled out when I was trying to dissuade my friend, making him see the difference between food that tastes good and good food.


Baishali said...

FOOOOOOOOODDDDD.......finally finally something that has truly connected me to your blog...:)
Seriously food is like that medicine that can heal you in no matter what situation you are in. Good food ---blissful I can actually attain nirvana just eating good food.....choc fantasy, choc chip icecreams, yummmmm yummmm
chk tikkas......kya topic cheri hai tumne is pe comment karte karte to hum hi blog likh denge..

Impulsively Me said...

I've just had dinner and you make me want to go and have another meal just so that I can close my eyes and enjoy each morsel instead of gulping down my food as if it is just another of my daily tasks to reckon with! :) You are brilliant with words.. :) I have a feeling you can mesmerize me with your words.. :P Am gonna be careful henceforth.. :D

Prabhu Dutta Das said...

It just healed me!

@Impulsive Me
Go grab another meal ;)

•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

i second baishali

have u had Lucknow ke Tunde ke kebab ;) i love them.
take care

Prabhu Dutta Das said...

@Baishali and V

I thought sleep would have connected me, my blog to you more than FOOD!

For the uninitiated check-

Usha Pisharody said...

nothing like it, indeed.. Food. Period.

Makes not just the stomach full, but the mind calm, the feelings brighter, warmer, the moment more liveable :)

The taste, yes, the taste...!

I love the way you articulate the unique quality of "mum's food"! Absolutely!

Prabhu Dutta Das said...

Moms food has it own delicacy and hand licking taste. Sometimes I wonder how can anyone just look down at housewives as if they do no have any responsibilities to handle!

food is all the reasons- The hunger, the drive to work all of it connects to Food!

Sashu... said...

absolutely divine- food!! loved the way u penend this one!!

Mahita said...

A good write up... mom's foooooooood.. mm , missing it man!!
:).. and nothing like good food to lift u from a dump....

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